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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

This Body Fat Percentage calculator1 is tailored for Asians, offering a quick and easy way to evaluate your health status.

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BFP Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Table2
Male< 15%15-25%26-30%> 30%
Female< 20%20-30%31-35%> 35%

NOTE: If your Body Fat Percentage exceeds 30% for males or 35% for females, we strongly recommend exploring our comprehensive guide on Type 2 Diabetes. Gain insights into managing and reducing your diabetes risk effectively.

Body Fat Percentage (BFP) indicates the proportion of your body composed of fat tissue, relative to muscles, bones, and other non-fat elements. It’s a crucial indicator of overall health and fitness, especially in assessing the risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. In Malaysia, these conditions are significant, contributing to 73% of NCD deaths3.

The BFP on our site is calculated using the Deurenberg formula, tailored for accuracy in estimating body fat for Asians. The categorisations of body fat percentages are aligned with the findings from significant clinical studies2 on the Asian population, ensuring relevance and precision.

Your BFP result gives insights into your body’s fat composition, which is crucial in assessing your health status and potential risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes. For males, a BFP above 25%, and for females, above 30%, indicates a higher risk. If your BFP falls into these ranges, it’s advisable to seek professional medical consultation for a comprehensive health assessment and personalised advice. Lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity, can significantly reduce your BFP and associated health risks (here’s how to start your journey). Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalised recommendations based on your specific health status and needs.

Adjusted Body Weight

What Is Adjusted Body Weight?
Adjusted body weight is an estimation of an individual’s ideal body weight, considering factors such as height, gender, and body composition. It provides a more precise assessment compared to standard body weight calculations, accounting for variations in muscle mass and body composition. Calculate Your Idle Weight. 

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1.The Body Fat Percentage calculator is based on the Deurenberg formula. It’s meant for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice.
2.The table provided is based on the categorisations outlined in significant studies on Asian adults’ body composition and health risks, including a comprehensive review of the literature and a meta-analysis on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Asian adults in the Asia-Pacific region.Lee, S. H., Kim, J. Y., Bang, H., Choi, J., Lee, H., Shin, C., & Yoon, S. S. (2017). Body Composition and Health Risks in Asian Adults: A Review of the Literature. Obesity Reviews, 18(11), 1319-1331. (2020). Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among Asian Adults in Asia-Pacific: A Meta-Analysis. Obesity Reviews, 21(2), e12803.
3. Noncommunicable Disease Surveillance in Malaysia: An Overview of Existing Systems and Priorities Going Forward, August 2022.