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Cellulite Treatment

Reduce skin dimpling and achieve smoother skin texture


​Cellulite is a common aesthetic concern in women. The skin-dimpling appearance occurs due to the fat cells that push through against connective tissue; causing the skin above it to have irregular texture.


At Alainn, Acoustic Wave Therapy is a form of cellulite treatment which offers a pain-free, quick, and clinically proven solution. It uses acoustic soft waves to improve the lymphatic drainage, breaks down the fat deposit, reduces the ‘dimples’ and finally improves the appearance of the skin.


Acoustic Wave Therapy is the most effective cellulite treatment in treating buttocks, front and backs of legs, calves, thighs, abdomen, and backs of arms.

Before After Cellulite Treatment Aesthetic Clinic KL Alainn
Before After Cellulite Treatment Aesthetic Clinic KL Alainn

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Cellulite Treatment using Acoustic Wave Therapy stimulate collagen production in the treatment area and increases blood circulation in the skin resulting in improvement of skin elasticity.


Patients are able to return to normal activities on the very day of treatment.


Acoustic Wave Therapy is a painless procedure that uses sound vibrations for cellulite treatment.


Depending on the severity of cellulite, individual treatment sessions can last 30 to 45 minutes. Treatments are performed twice a week for three to six weeks.


Results are seen as soon as 2 weeks after starting Cellulite Treatment, however best results are seen upon completion of the recommended treatment regime.