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Dermamelan Intimate

Vulva Lightening Treatment

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  • Enhanced Skin Tone: Significantly reduces dark spots and uneven skin color.
  • Dual Action: Offers both depigmentation and anti-aging benefits.
  • High Tolerability: Formulated for the delicate and sensitive skin areas.


Hyperpigmentation in intimate zones is multifactorial, influenced by genetic predispositions, hormonal dynamics, aging process, and exogenous factors such as mechanical irritation from clothing. These elements collectively escalate melanogenesis, leading to pigmentary anomalies.

Dermamelan Intimate

Dermamelan Intimate treatment is designed specifically for depigmentation of sensitive areas. This professional method addresses the unique challenges of intimate skin hyperpigmentation with clinically proven effectiveness.

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Dermamelan Treatment

The Dermamelan Intimate treatment employs a dual-phase protocol that leverages state-of-the-art technology for maximal impact:

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  • Phase 1: Application of a potent depigmenting mask in a controlled clinical environment initiates the immediate correction of hyperpigmentation.
  • Phase 2: Continuation with a home-based regimen, utilising a gel-cream that not only maintains but also optimises the initial results. This regimen ensures ongoing treatment effectiveness and prevents the recurrence of pigmentation.

This targeted approach uses advanced liposomal technology to ensure deep penetration and efficacy of active ingredients, directly addressing the biological foundations of hyperpigmentation and improving overall skin quality.
Dermamelan Intimate treatment not only enhances the aesthetic appearance but also contributes to an improved quality of life by restoring confidence and comfort.


The Dermamelan Intimate treatment demonstrates significant effectiveness in reducing hyperpigmentation, as evidenced by in vitro results:

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  • Tyrosinase Enzyme Reduction: Achieves an 86% decrease in the activity of the enzyme responsible for melanin production.
  • Melanosomes Transfer Inhibition: Exhibits a 68% reduction in the transfer of pigment-containing melanosomes.
  • Melanin Formation Reduction: Shows a 60% decrease in the formation of melanin.
  • Improved Skin Hydration: Reduces transepidermal water loss by 27%, enhancing skin moisture levels.

These metrics highlight the potential of Dermamelan Intimate to effectively transform and improve skin health.

A multicenter, efficacy and safety clinical study of a new method (dermamelan intimate) consisting of a 2-stage protocol: one session at the clinic and a treatment for home use. Photo Courtesy of Mesoestetic.


The Dermamelan Intimate treatment is designed with comfort in mind. It includes the application of a hydrogel mask rich in soothing and moisturizing ingredients, which significantly reduces any discomfort and potential irritations.

The duration of home usage typically ranges from 45-90 days, depending on the individual’s pigment condition and the doctor’s advice during the consultation. This phase is crucial for achieving the best results and maintaining them over time

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with skin or allergic reactions to any components of the formulation, those with solar erythema, or patients with active bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. It is crucial to avoid UV exposure for 15 days prior to the treatment to prevent adverse reactions.

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