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How Does EMFACE Work

2 Technologies In 1 Applicator:
HIFES & Synchronized RF

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Facial aging is a complex process that affects the skin, muscle, and underlying tissue of the face. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, making it more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. The muscle layer also loses tone and elasticity, leading to a loss of facial volume and sagging skin. The underlying connective tissue decreases in volume, causing certain areas of the face to appear sunken. 

The Technology

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The EMFACE treatment utilizes a unique combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency (RF) and High-Intensity Focused Electric Fields (HIFES) technology to target both the skin and muscle layers of the face.

The RF component emits monopolar RF simultaneously with the HIFES, ensuring homogeneous heating in all layers and active area across the entire applicator for uniform heating. Dynamic impedance technology is also used to ensure optimal results. 

The HIFES component is designed to stimulate delicate facial muscles by providing supramaximal contractions, which induces depolarization of the membrane of motor neurons and leads to muscle contraction. The depth of penetration can reach up to 20 mm and targets small, delicate superficial facial muscles with high selectivity using specially designed applicators to target individual specific muscles.

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Synchronised RF & Skin

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The synchronised RF treatment provided by EMFACE works by heating the skin to a therapeutic temperature of 40-42°C. This stimulates an increase in fibroblast activity, which leads to the decomposition and denaturation of old collagen and elastin fibers. It results in structural changes in the skin, including an increase in collagen by 26% on average.
The net effect of these changes is that the skin is remodeled and smoothed, with a marked improvement in overall skin texture. On average, patients experience a 37% reduction in wrinkles after treatment.

HIFES & Muscle

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The HIFES treatment provided by EMFACE targets the facial elevator muscles. With HIFES, the facial muscles are subjected to supramaximal contractions, which promotes muscle protein synthesis and myofibril renewal.
This leads to structural changes in the muscles and an improvement in resting muscle tone. Additionally, the HIFES technology improves the condition of the facial muscles by increasing muscle density and quality. On average, patients can expect an increase in resting muscle tone by 30%.

Connective Tissue

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The connective tissue in the face, also known as the fascia, plays a crucial role in supporting the structural framework of the face. EMFACE treatment, through a combination of heating and mechanical stress, promotes collagen and elastin remodeling in the fascia.
This leads to increased tightness and elasticity in the fascia layer, resulting in a lifted effect and overall facial sculpting. The fascia remodeling that occurs with EMFACE treatment helps to support the facial framework and enhance the overall appearance of the face.

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