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EMFACE Submentum

(Double Chin Treatment)

Dual Technologies To Target All Causes Of Double Chin

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Double Chin

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Concerned about your double chin? Alainn Clinic has a solution: EMFACE Submentum. This tailored procedure targets the double chin, enhancing your jawline and neck for a smoother, more defined appearance.

What Is EMFACE Submentum

EMFACE Submentum is a non-surgical treatment targeting and minimising double chin. It employs Synchronised RF and HIFES™ technologies to reshape the neck and jawline, delivering a youthful, contoured look. It’s a perfect option for those seeking quick, non-invasive solutions with zero downtime.

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  • Reduces submental fat
  • Enhances jawline definition
  • Non-invasive with little to no discomfort
  • Minimal downtime needed
  • Quick recovery period
  • Delivers natural-looking results

How Does It Work

The EMFACE Submentum treatment utilises a unique dual-technology approach to comprehensively address every aspect of a double chin. It combines the deep heating effects of Synchronised RF+ with the muscle-toning capabilities of HIFES™, effectively tackling both excess volume and laxity of skin and muscle. This innovative approach allows EMFACE Submentum to precisely target and effectively reduce the appearance of a double chin. Learn More.

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Treatment Experience

The EMFACE Submentum treatment at Alainn Clinic is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and personalised experience. Precisely adjusted to your unique contours, the device delivers controlled energy to effectively target all layers related to a double chin. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately after each session. The complete treatment typically involves four sessions for optimal results, with each session lasting 20 minutes. Sessions are scheduled at 1-week intervals.

EMFACE Treatment FAQs (Learn More).

emface submentum double chin treatment

Meet Dr.Ain

Dr.Ain is BTL Aesthetics Key Opinion Leader since 2015. Alainn Clinic is amongst the early adopters of BTL Vanquish, Exilis, EMSella, EMSculpt, EMTone, and EMFace.
Dr.Ain is constantly involved in clinical studies with BTL devices, has early and advanced knowledge and expertise to deliver appropriate and meaningful results with BTL devices for all Alainn Clinic patients. Click Here For Before & After BTL Devices Treatments Photos.

How We Do It Differently At Alainn Clinic.

We begin each EMFACE session with a personalised assesment, understanding that every individual’s needs are unique. Our approach is not just about using advanced technology; it’s about fine-tuning it to align perfectly with your personal aesthetic goals, thereby ensuring optimal clinical outcomes.