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EMFACE is a doctor-administered, non-invasive facial treatment device that uses synchronised RF and HIFES™ (High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation) energies. It targets the facial skin, specific muscles and connective tissues simultaneously, resulting in face lift and reduce wrinkles.

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Who Can Benefit EMFACE

  • Individuals with mild to moderate skin sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  • Individuals who want to improve their skin texture, tone, and elasticity.
  • Individuals who want to improve the appearance of their cheeks and jawline.
  • Individuals who want to enhance their facial contours and improve their overall facial appearance without needles or surgery.
  • Individuals who want a non-invasive facial rejuvenation option.

How Does EMFACE Works

EMFACE uses HIFES™ energy to selectively tone up targeted facial muscles and synchronised RF energy to tighten the skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles and a lifting effect.

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If you’re considering EMFACE treatment, understanding how your facial muscles work together, including the zygomaticus major and minor, risorius, and frontalis, can help you feel the correct muscles being targeted during the treatment, resulting in a more natural and youthful appearance.

EMFACE Treatment Procotol

emface protocol

The EMFACE treatment begins with a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals, and to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Once you have decided to proceed, the treatment will begin.
The first step is to cleanse your skin to remove any makeup, oils, or impurities. After cleaning, a temporary marker pen is used to mark the treatment area. This is to ensure proper symmetry on both sides of the face.
Next, the EMFACE device is used to emit synchronised RF and HIFES™ energies, which simultaneously target the facial skin, connective tissues, and muscles. This core step of the treatment takes 20 minutes and during this time you will feel a warm sensation and muscle contraction.
The treatment requires no recovery time, and you can continue with your daily activities immediately after.

EMFACE Before & After

* Photos Courtesy of BTL. 3 Months After 4th Treatment.


EMFACE is a safe and effective treatment that has been cleared by the USFDA for forehead and cheek area rejuvenation.

No. You will feel a warm sensation and muscle contraction during the treatment.

EMFACE targets the frontalis muscle in the forehead to improve brow position, and the zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, and risorius muscles in the cheeks to improve jowls, lift cheeks and refine jawline.

No, EMFACE treatment on the frontalis muscle in the forehead will not make wrinkles worse. Instead, it will increase the muscle mass, giving it a more rested tone, which in turn will support the forehead tissue more effectively. The treatment also uses synchronised RF energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved skin texture.

Building muscle tone in the cheeks helps to strengthen the underlying structures of the face. As we age, our facial muscles become less bulky and lose tone, leading to sagging skin, jowls and less defined jawlines. By increasing muscle tone in the cheek muscles, it can lift the face and improve the appearance of jowls, cheeks and jawline.

  • Facial piercings in the treatment areas.
  • Cheek or forehead implants or metal plates.
  • Active skin infections or open wounds.
  • Recent sun tan or sunburn.
  • Severe acne breakout.
  • Pregnancy.

Yes, it is generally considered safe to receive EMFACE treatment if you have dental implants. The treatment uses superficial heating of the skin and targets muscles, and should not affect the bones of the mouth.

Yes, EMFACE can be combined with other non-invasive facial procedures such as injectable fillers, neuromodulators, collagen stimulators, lasers, IPL and energy-based technologies. However, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks after receiving other cosmetic treatments before getting EMFACE.

EMFACE and Botox are treatments that work together to improve the appearance of the forehead area. EMFACE targets the muscles that lift and firm the skin, while Botox is injected into muscles that cause wrinkles when they contract, such as the corrugator, procerus and upper part of frontalis muscles. Together, these treatments can effectively reduce wrinkles and give the face a more youthful appearance.
Additionally, EMFACE may help some patients that have not traditionally been good candidates for Botox treatment to their forehead as it improves resting tone of the frontalis.

The difference between HIFEM (Emsculpt) and HIFES (Emface) is in the delivery method of the muscle stimulation. HIFEM propagate at deeper muscles (such as abdominal) and HIFES propagate at superficial muscles (such as zygomaticus).

Results vary individually. Some may start seeing results after the first treatment, but typically, optimal results are visible 8-12 weeks after the fourth session.

Our goal is to provide you with a personalised experience that meets your needs and helps you achieve your desired look. To help with budgeting, the treatment starts at RM3,500 per session.

Meet Dr.Ain

Dr.Ain is BTL Aesthetics Key Opinion Leader since 2015. Alainn Clinic is amongst the early adopters of BTL Vanquish, Exilis, EMSella, EMSculpt, EMTone, and EMFace.
Dr.Ain is constantly involved in clinical studies with BTL devices, has early and advanced knowledge and expertise to deliver appropriate and meaningful results with BTL devices for all Alainn Clinic patients. Click Here For Before & After BTL Devices Treatments Photos.

Observe Dr. Ain’s facial muscles (frontalis, zygomaticus, and risorius) contracting during the treatment. EMFACE treatment promotes muscle protein synthesis, resulting in a face lift.

How We Do It Differently At Alainn Clinic.

We begin each EMFACE session with a personalised assesment, understanding that every individual’s needs are unique. Our approach is not just about using advanced technology; it’s about fine-tuning it to align perfectly with your personal aesthetic goals, thereby ensuring optimal clinical outcomes.

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