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Gouri Treatment

World’s First Liquid PCL (Polycaprolactone) Injectable For Face Lift.

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Gouri Benefits

  • Stimulates new collagen production.
  • Induces fibroblasts proliferation.
  • Improve skin elasticity and lifting effect.
  • 5 injection points per side of the face.

What Is Gouri

Gouri is an injectable liquid PCL (Polycaprolactone) solution by Dexlevo Inc, Korea.
Gouri utilises Dexlevo’s patented Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilised Active and Biodegradable Polymer (CESABP) technology, which enables regeneration of natural skin collagen without the use of microparticles.

What Is PCL

PCL is popularly used in the medical field as an implantable biomaterial. As it is biodegradable and biocompatible to human, it will dissolve after certain period of time.
The usage of PCL has been approved by FDA in several applications most commonly used as sutures.  


How Does Gouri Work

how gouri works

Gouri revitalise the skin by stimulating collagenesis and induces fibroblast proliferation throughout the face.
Gouri spreads organically across the entire face, stimulates collagen synthesis, which has diminished due to skin aging.

What Is Unique About Gouri

Full Face Effect
Gouri naturally spreads into whole facial skin and regenerates collagen on the entire face
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Long lasting Natural Improvement
Gouri is PCL. PCL has more duration time compared to HA and other low-molecular materials.
Gouri gives Sustainable Improvements for the skin-aging by Rejuvenating the skin quality not by Filling.

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Particle free, fully solubilized PCL
Gouri has less possibility of side effects caused by vascular obstruction or granuloma formation.
Gouri is European CE certified in 2021 and currently under KFDA certification process.

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Gouri Treatment Protocol

Gouri is injected into 5 specific points on each side of the face (total of 10 injection points). 
We recommend 2 to 4 sessions with 1 month interval, depending on individual skin laxity. 

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Gouri Treatment FAQ

Gouri rejuvenates the skin by promoting neo-collagenesis on the entire face. It restores and promotes collagen synthesis that has decreased due to the skin-aging. As a result, the quality of the skin improves and we get an entire face lift.

Spreadability. Gouri is totally different from other high polymer products. Existing products are not fully liquid. They forms mixture of powder of high polymer materials(like PCL, PLLA and etc) with liquid saline or CMC gel. As a result, they can’t spread out into the entire face. They could only give the effect for the localised part. Gouri as the 1st fully liquid type PCL injectable, could spread out into the entire face.

We recommend 1-month interval before/after HA fillers and other cross-linked treatments. 

It varies on the person. PCL is a high molecular weight substance. It usually takes 9 to 12 months for it to be degraded.

It depends on patient’s condition. It would take some time for Collagenesis after injection. Normally within 1~2 weeks, you can see visual results.

The height of the nodule will gradually decrease over time. Usually within 1-2 days.gouri nodule duration

Excerpt from Gouri Injectable Launch in Malaysia. Dr.Ain (Gouri Speaker & Trainer) presented to an audience of doctors.

Gouri vs Profhilo

Gouri is made with fully solubilised liquid form of PCL while Profhilo is made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA).
Gouri helps by giving a gentle lifting effect to entire face, while Profhilo helps with skin hydration and tightening. 
Both Gouri and Profhilo will give overall skin radiance and require a total of 
10 injection points.
To find out which treatment is suitable, please consult with your Doctor.
Learn more about Profhilo

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