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Explore our Health Resources to gain insights into various aspects of your health. Use our calculators for personalised evaluations and listen to our podcast series for expert discussions on health and wellness. Click on the visuals below to begin your assessment and enjoy our podcasts.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator For Asians
Learn More

Body Fat Percentage

Adjusted Body Weight


BMR Calculator provides a suggested calorie intake for weight loss based on a safe and sustainable reduction percentage.  Learn More

Type 2 Diabetes Self Test

This calculator is tailored for Asians, offering a quick and easy way to evaluate your health status and potential diabetes risk..  Learn More

Mental Health (DAS-21)

DASS-21 (Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale) test is a set of three self-report scales designed to measure your emotional states of depression, anxiety, and stress. Learn More


This test is designed to help you assess your risk for hypertension based on common symptoms and lifestyle factors. Learn More

FSD Diagnosis

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a common issue that many women face. It can impact a woman’s life in many ways, but it’s not often talked about. This guide aims to provide clear information about FSD to help women better understand their sexual health. Learn More


Welcome to the Alainn Clinic Podcasts, where we aim to inspire and educate you about the transformative power of healthy living and aesthetic treatments.. Learn More