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Skin Hydration Treatment

Get Healthy-looking And Glowing Skin With Long Lasting Result.

– Improves Skin Hydration
– Improves Skin Texture
– Improves Skin Elasticity
– Reduce Fine Lines
– Long Lasting Solution

What is Skin Hydration Treatment?

If you want healthy-looking glow for a long period of time, Skin Hydration Treatment is beauty industry’s best kept secret.

It works by pulling and holding moisture into the HA gel particle, which keeps the skin hydrated and boosts the overall skin quality.

Skin Hydration Treatment is a versatile and effective solution for skin concerns in the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

What’s involved in Skin Hydration Treatment?

The treatment starts with topical anaesthetic applied to the targeted treatment area. Our certified and qualified physician will administer a series of superficial injections of HA into the intra dermal skin layer.

How long will the results

The great advantage of Skin Hydration Treatment is that the effects are usually long lasting, though it is not permanent. Duration depends on many factors, such as the individual age, lifestyle, and skin type. Typically, the result lasts between 6 to 9 months per treatment session.

Skin Booster Treatment Volite

Is there any downtime?

At the entry points of the injections, it is normal to experience mild redness, swelling and bruising which should resolve in a day or two after the treatment.

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